Talk with a trustworthy person (friend, family member or an adult at your school).
You can also call Tel-jeunes toll-free at 1 800 263 2266 (available 24/7 for 5-20 year olds), or visit their website: Tel-jeunes.

To better understand what bullying is, here are some available resources:
To recognize harassment and know how to act, visit:
Some ways to get help if you or a friend experiences any type of violence:



TTo better understand what cyberbullying is and the importance of online privacy:













To better understand the legal implications of bullying:










Visit the site Gai écoute for information related to sexual orientation and homophobia:









The Centre de prévention du suicide au Québec website exists to support and lead people to the appropriate resources: (available in French only).








This site exists to provide information on all forms of sexual assault: