To better understand what bullying is: PREVNet


Tools to foster the establishment of a school environment

in which "security, strenght and freedom" is prevalent, and to

prevent violence and bullying: consult training module:



Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention


To create a safe school environment and promote school

achievement: Website only available in French.


How should school environments face the school violence phenomenon? And Prevent school violence and dropout problems by the same token!



To learn more about cyberbullying and online safety:

Cyberbullying: Dealing with Online Meanness, Cruelty and



  • To help your students deveop their online citizenship by discussing proprer and improper online behaviours with them The Door that's not locked.

  • Discuss the importance of protecting their privacy on the Web: Consult the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (youth privacy section) website.

  • To help your students at risk of being a victim of or using cyberbullying: Get Cyber Safe.

  • For specific help for adoslescents: the prevention files cybertip will inform you on the Internet activities of adolescents and the precautions you can take

  • For more information on the legal implications of cyberbullying and to know the school's resposability regarding this situation: Define the Line.










To know the Government of Quebec's policy on violence and bullying prevention at  school: Current Initiatives - Bullying and Violence in the Schools.


To educate students on homophobia and encourage acceptance and positive social behaviours: The fight against homophobia.


To know about the portraits of violence in Quebec schools, visit the SEVEQ team reports (French only):





Consult the Centre de prévention du suicide de Québec